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Have Kim Control Systems design and manufacture a complete
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Order PLC's, VFD's, HMI's, Motors, Drives, Actuators, Switches, Power Supplies, Relays, Accessories and Aluminum Machine Framing from Kim Controls ONLINE web store.

PLC and VFD programming


"doing something with no one around it"

We engineer, design and program complete process and machine control systems. Kim Controls Systems has almost 50 years experience in industries such as:

• Manufacturing
• Medical
• Power Transmission
• Safety
• Precision Motion

Motion VFD's and motors

Motion Control 

" moving individual parts or a machine in a controlled manner" 

Helping motors, gears, robots, conveyors, actuators, and other motion generating components work together. Kim Control Systems has the parts, programming knowledge and mechanical components to build your complete machine

Motion control components


Over 27,000 automation and motion control components in our OnLine Web Store.
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  • Local  warehouse
  • Quick delivery
  • Online chat
  • Engineering Help 

Our sourcing experts can assist you with answers to your engineering questions and suggest cost effective solutions

Automated Production Line


Electrical products: 

• Control Panels
• Power Cabinets
• HMI Stands
• Custom Wiring

Mechanical Products:

• Work Benches & Cells
• Machine Enclosures
• Production Lines
• Safety Fence & Screen
• Production Lines
• Conveyors
• Staircase & Mezzanine

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