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Automation Design and Implementation

Automation Engineering

Kim Control Systems will design, program, simulate and test a comprehensive system to automate almost any process. That includes data reporting designed to optimize your product or production system. Setting up a process control system. Programming a SCADA reporting system for control and feedback. Since 1971 we have worked with companies in almost every industry including:

• Manufacturing
• Medical
• Power Transmission
• Safety
• Precision Motion

Control components

Control Systems

Design, engineering and manufacturing of complete control system of mechanical components like motors, gears, actuators, conveyors all controlled by a processor with feedback systems. Kim Control Systems has the parts, programming capability and mechanical knowledge to design, select, and  build your complete production motion control system.

     • Production Lines  
     • Production Machinery 
     • CNC and Cutting Machines 
     • Machine Safety System  
     • Precision Motion

Machine and Conveyor System


Electrical products:
     • Control Panels
     • Power Cabinets
     • HMI Stands
     • Custom Wiring

Mechanical Products:
     • Work Benches & Cells
     • Machine Enclosures
     • Production Lines
     • Safety Fences & Screens  
     • Conveyors 
     • Custom Actuators 
     • Staircase & Mezzanines
     • Employee safety screens

Delta Industrial Controls

Great savings on high performace and reliable motion systems. Complete product line from PLC's and HMI's to Motors, Gears and Sensors.

Free software and no annual upgrade or update licensing fees! Working together to make setup and reliable communication much easier.

You can design and build the system with our components or we will handle the entire process from design through installation and commissioning.

We also support existing systems with upgrade and repair solutions.


Comming Soon


Robots that work with you. The robot knows if you are in the way and moves around you! This brand new design requires no programming or teaching pendant. Just move to where it should be and set it with the keypad on the arm. Complete software integration and teaching pendant also available. 

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